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10.10.2014Diamonds & Lace are the girls' best friends...


Can you think of a fabric that is more timeless that lace? Lace's versatility is endless, suiting women of all characters and personalities.

Aurelie Bidermann has created the ultimate, luxurious version of lace, with pieces created in yellow gold, white gold and rhodium, elegantly scattered with diamonds and sapphires.

A sure fire way to dress up any outfit and impart an impact wherever you go...

09.12.2014Discover our new collecton Fall-Winter 2014/2015!


Can you think of two better cities than New York and Paris? Luckily, you don't have to choose one... With Aurelie Bidermann's Fall-Winter 14/15 collection, you can have a little bit of Paris and a touch of Manhattan injected into your winter wardrobe. 

Inspired by famous neighbourhoods within these respective cities, Aurelie has created a series of jewellery as miniature pieces of art, named after some of her favourite areas: Soho, Lafayette, Concorde, Rive Gauche and Rivoli.

As is key in Aurelie's work, materials and metals are mixed seamlessly, with gold, lacquer, leather and cotton thread creating miniature pieces of art. 

Who said winter had to be gloomy?


08.27.2014The doors of Aurélie Bidermann New York boutique are officially open!


After much anticipation, Aurelie Bidermann's flagship US store is finally open! This new Soho addition houses Bidermann's latest collections alongside her sought-after Fine Jewelry line, all encapsulated in a loft-like interior. Bidermann, who looks back at New York and California in the 60s for inspiration, has created the perfect space to showcase her work.

As expected, her integral color combination of turquoise, coral and yellow is featured throughout, further enhancing the feeling of entering Bidermann's world.

Take a trip downtown and bring a little piece of Paris back to your New York home.

We look forward to your visit!

265, Lafayette Street
NY 10012 New-York
tel : +1 212 335 0604

Opening hours:
From Monday to Saturday / 11 am - 7 pm - Sunday / 12am - 6 pm

08.01.2014Breezy summer holiday with Takayama collection...


Running in the sand, swimming in the sea, and tanning below the Sun’s glorious rays are all major components of a perfect summer holiday; how better to emphasize this than with Aurelie’s Takayama collection?

Leather and cotton threads are mixed with lacquered shells, mother-of-pearl, and even semi-precious stones. Don’t be worried about exposing these jewels to the elements—they are meant to be worn with pride while swimming in the salty sea! Tie them with a knot and make a wish!

07.10.2014Discover Aurélie's summer essentials...


For Aurélie’s summer essentials, one can be sure to find a plethora of goodies, including the stunning emerland Copacabana bracelet and Takayama necklaces. These pieces are elevated ‘beach chic’—vibrant, easygoing, and beautifully layered. Time to envelope yourself in jewelry, and pray that summer never ends!
For this summer holiday, Aurélie Bidermann extends the offer of free shipping worldwide for a limited period* (surely there is no greater incentive to shop...).

* Details about "Aurélie's summer essentials" special offer :
This offer will occur on www.aureliebidermann.com from July 10th to August 25th 2014 included. On this occasion, worldwide shipping is free only on "Aurélie's summer essentials" by using the code SUMMER2014.


06.17.2014Embrace summer with Tangerine !


With Aurélie's Tangerine collection, one is able to engage with both nature and the mind. These organic pieces, ginkgo leaves encased in gold, bring to mind the captivating days of summer.

Available on the e-store


05.26.2014Succumb to Palazzo collection...


With the summer just around the corner, what could dress up an outfit more than gold and turquoise?! Inspired by the Amalfi Coast, Aurelie Bidermann has created the Palazzo collection as an homage to the enchanting Italian landscape, with rich textures seamlessly melded to create light, whimsical jewelry.

Whether traveling or not, you can feel the call of summertime when wearing these pieces, offered in gold, rose and silver-plated finishes.


04.30.2014Dare to wear the Limited Edition Scarab Beetle for Mother's day !


In Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was associated with protection and rebirth - can you think of a better creature to give your mother for Mother’s Day ?
Aurelie Bidermann has created the ultimate scarab beetle; powerful, bold, beautiful and feminine. All the qualities belonging to a mother and her daughter ! But these scarabs are not of the normal glazed blue and green variety - they are sparkling and covered with rubies, amethysts, tsavorites and pink, blue, orange and yellow sapphires. With all of these colors, you can guarantee that these treasures will spice up any outfit!
And due to this limited edition gift, you can rest assured that your mother will love ancherish these scarabs (almost) as much as you !
Available on the e-store, at Aurélie Bidermann boutique in Paris and exclusively at Colette.

Also discover Aurélie's selection for Mother's Day on the online store and enjoy free shipping worlwide !

Details about Mother's Day special offer :
This offer will occur on www.aureliebidermann.com from April 25th to May 25th 2014 included. On this occasion, worldwide shipping is free only for products belonging to "Mother's Day selection" by using the code MOTHERSDAY.

04.07.2014Discover Aurélie Bidermann newest Fine Jewelry collection !


Aurélie Bidermann keeps outdoing herself! The Fine jewellery is not only stunning, but it has character. The Belt Collection epitomizes this. Whether you are out and about during day or partying at night, these pieces of jewellery suit any occasion.

They are crafted perfectly, with Polonaise chains of 18 carat yellow gold and sparkling gems, ranging from sapphires to diamonds. However, they have a cool factor that is seemingly unprecedented with other Fine jewellery. Would you ever have imagined a belt bracelet that was so luxe, but also added an instant edge to your outfit? Aurélie Bidermann always knows how to maximize the most out of accessories, and have them speak true to her aesthetic.

The Belt collection houses a bracelet, a cuff and a ring; all three displaying expert craftsmanship and sky-high imagination. Guaranteed to attract compliments… as well as being a great conversation starter!

03.18.2014(Re)Discover the Lace collection !


Trends never stay for long, so when you find something good, stick with it!

With Aurelie’s jewelry, you never need to worry about a passing fad—every piece shines, regardless of what is in style this season.

The Vintage Lace Collection epitomizes this aesthetic. Just like the fabric itself, the lace collection can be worn layered piece by piece, or stand alone as a statement item. The metalwork is done with such precision, that the lightheartedness and playfulness of the fabric being imitated truly comes through. If feeling a little demure, why not go for a ring? A big night out? Try the cuff in the largest size!

The Vintage Lace Collection proves that you can be as daring as you want, all the while wearing beautiful, bold and feminine jewelry in all shapes and sizes.

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