09.18.2015A joyously irreverent spirit for this new collection


This autumn-winter looks elegant, festive. Through this day and evening new collection, the color code is pared right down to basics, black and white, exalted by the radiance of gold.

Have a glimpse at Aurélie Bidermann's new collection and enjoy free shipping worldwide until October 5th with the code NEWCOLLECTION! Is there a better occasion to wear must-have pieces from this season?

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09.15.2015Parisian chic meets British playfulness in Wool and the Gang's latest collaboration!


Discover this effortlessly cool collection features the Gang's softest wool statement pieces combined with an eclectic mix of Aurélie Bidermann jewelry.


09.04.2015Aurélie Bidermann is now available at Franck & Fils !


Rendez-vous at Franck et Fils department store in Paris to discover Aurélie's last collections!

Franck & Fils
First Floor
80 rue de Passy
Paris 16ème 

08.06.2015Dive into the summer spirit selection


There is perhaps no more exciting time to accessorize than in the summer! From the lush greenery, to the azure skies, to the sparkling sands - what better season to embellish yourself with gorgeous gold and radiant jewels?

Enter Aurélie's world and discover layers upon layers of treasures, including the Copacabana cuffs, Surfing necklace, and Takayama delicate shimmer bracelets. There is no time like the present!

07.13.2015Freedom is in the air for this new collection


For Aurélie Bidermann, the fall-winter will be not just another summer season bursting with vitality and a love of life: whatever the temperature may be or whichever hemisphere you chose to be in, this season will be primarily about freedom. The freedom embodied in themes which blend purity and nomadic spirit.

Let yourself be enchanted by the first pieces of the new collection, have a glance at them in our stores or online...

06.18.2015Mix and match your jewelry for the summer


With gorgeous yellow sunshine, pale sands, blue skies and cerulean waters, all colours are appropriate. For those girls drawn to shades of fuchsia and pale rose, maybe throw in some vibrant green and turquoise to add a playful dimension to your usual stack of bracelets !

Enter Aurélie's world and find all the inspiration needed at your fingertips - after all, you will need some extra jewelry to go with your new tan...

06.08.2015The iconic Liberty print revisited for Bonpoint


Colourful bracelets are perfect for summer! Discover the exclusive Liberty Copacabana thin bangles created for Bonpoint, available only in Bonpoint Stores and on the website

05.18.2015A Golden Mother's Day


Could there ever be a more touching gift on Mother’s Day than lucky gold charms?

A heart, a ladybird, a star and a four-leaf clover – there’s something here to please everyone!

These dangly charms in 18 carat solid gold are a nod to Aurélie’s sunny, spiritual universe and are sure to delight all mums.

This limited edition in already available onwards exclusively from Aurélie Bidermann’s e-shop.

04.02.2015Spring is certainly in the air!


There is no seasonal change as joyful as the one from winter to spring - why not celebrate that with an appropriate piece of jewelry to enhance your mood and put a jump in your step?

Imagine the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms; so perfect in their iridescent colour and gorgeous sculptural shape.

Aurélie is paying an homage to the wondrous blossom with her Copacabana and Do Brasil collections - time to look at the world through rose tinted glasses!


03.17.2015A touch of green in your jewelry box...


Even if you do not celebrate St Patrick's Day, you do not need an excuse to wear the gorgeous color of green!

Aurélie has created many masterpieces rendered in the hue of lush fields and vibrant forests, be it a bold Do Brasil bracelet, a lively Copacabana piece, or a sparkling clover charm.

Be an honorary Irish woman for the day and adorn yourself with a shade of green that never goes out of style.

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