01.29.2016It is time for the most romantic day of the year...


...and with that, comes the ultimate excuse for a dazzling surprise. Aurélie Bidermann has a daringly feminine jewelry piece suitable for every type of woman, and undoubtedly they will sweep her off her feet.

On this special occasion, we are glad to offer to all jewelry lovers the worldwide express shipping on the e-shop with the code VALENTINESDAY...


Credits : Cyrille Robin

12.18.2015Discover the first Aurélie Bidermann scented candle


A candle that whisks you off on a journey: this is what Aurelie Bidermann had in mind when launching her first fragranced candle totally designed and manufactured in France. 

A flickering olfactive odyssey where the dancing of the flames from their pale base of vegetable wax tell the tale of the Amalfi coastline - that region of Italy that tumbles into the Mediterranean and which is now much favoured by this designer after years of summer holidays there and explorations by boat.

The match strikes, the wick catches fire and the citrus and neroli notes float sottovoce into the air reminiscent of a getaway in Amalfi, followed by the tender scent of flowers – roses, geranium, jasmine and orange blossom – just like a bouquet offered by the earth under the soothing shade of the umbrella pines. Finally the base notes emerge with a punch: rich almonds and orange, like that longing for sweetness at nightfall as the sea sinks into a deeper blue shimmering with starlight. 

A fleeting moment captured within the clean lines of a container in which a flame flickers and shines, complicit and elusive: a moment of pure peace imbued with magic.

The Aurélie Bidermann scented candle is available in our Paris and New York stores and on the e-shop.

Photography by Cyrille Robin

12.11.2015Shop the ultimate gift selection and enjoy free shipping


Celebrate the Holiday Season with Aurélie Bidermann gift selection and the Cruise Collection!
On this occasion, we are pleased to inform you that worldwide express shipping is exceptionally offered on the e-shop with the code HOLIDAYS...

11.24.2015The ultimate gift selection


Whether you choose to give or receive precious gems from Aurélie's holiday selection, the reaction will always be the same - that of pure joy.

On the occasion of the holiday season, we are pleased to inform you that the return delay is extended until January 15 for all orders placed on the e-shop from November 20 to December 25.

Get your Christmas list ready!

10.29.2015Fine jewelry: what’s the point?


Because it’s fun.

Because it’s beautiful, uplifting, daringly feminine, wilfully free.
Because it’s the dream of every designer.

For Aurelie Bidermann there’s even more to it than that. Like a journey it’s primarily a challenge: to find happiness.


10.05.2015Experience a day of Paris Fashion Week with Aurélie Bidermann thanks to Wall Street Journal


From morning coffee through fashion shows, experience a day of the Paris Fashion Week with Aurélie Bidermann thanks to the Wall Street Journal.

09.18.2015A joyously irreverent spirit for this new collection


This autumn-winter looks elegant, festive. Through this day and evening new collection, the color code is pared right down to basics, black and white, exalted by the radiance of gold.

Have a glimpse at Aurélie Bidermann's new collection and enjoy free shipping worldwide until October 5th with the code NEWCOLLECTION! Is there a better occasion to wear must-have pieces from this season?

For more information, please see our FAQs.


09.15.2015Parisian chic meets British playfulness in Wool and the Gang's latest collaboration!


Discover this effortlessly cool collection features the Gang's softest wool statement pieces combined with an eclectic mix of Aurélie Bidermann jewelry.


09.04.2015Aurélie Bidermann is now available at Franck & Fils !


Rendez-vous at Franck et Fils department store in Paris to discover Aurélie's last collections!

Franck & Fils
First Floor
80 rue de Passy
Paris 16ème 

08.06.2015Dive into the summer spirit selection


There is perhaps no more exciting time to accessorize than in the summer! From the lush greenery, to the azure skies, to the sparkling sands - what better season to embellish yourself with gorgeous gold and radiant jewels?

Enter Aurélie's world and discover layers upon layers of treasures, including the Copacabana cuffs, Surfing necklace, and Takayama delicate shimmer bracelets. There is no time like the present!

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