Aurélie Bidermann
550 €

Stones : Turquoise and Lapis lazuli

  • Bleu

The opulence of the stylish gold souk of Deira in Dubai lends its name to a colourful, polychrome jewellery collection.
Coloured gemstone cabochons combine with engraved patterns of the moon and stars in a sophisticated creation.
Aurélie Bidermann’s Orient becomes an enchanting universe, like the parties thrown at the top of the Burj Al Arab, promises of curiosity and wonder.

  • Stones : Turquoise and Lapis lazuli

  • Wearing your jewellery 

    Your aurélie bidermann jewellery is a reflection of the craftsmanship that makes it unique. in order to preserve its shine, we recommend taking care of it and handling it carefully.

    We recommend you avoid wearing it during activities such as:

    – sports, aquatic activities (swimming pool, sea...) or manual activities (gardening, cleaning, handywork...).

    – washing your hands or wearing your piece of jewellery in showers, baths, saunas and hammams.

    We also recommend that you avoid exposing your jewellery to:

    – high temperatures: temperature variations may damage it.

    – corrosive or chemical products found in cosmetics products (perfumes, makeup...)

    – shocks.

    To avoid damaging your aurélie bidermann jewellery, it is imperative that you don’t try to adjust or change its shape.

    The patina fades with time, it is the perfectly normal result of natural wear and will depend on how your piece of jewellery is cared for. You can clean your jewellery by wiping it with a soft cloth.

    Storing your jewellery 

    Aurélie bidermann’s creations may become scratched in contact with each other. it is therefore strongly recom- mended to store them individually in their pouches.