Which has its origin in the French tradition.

The first Aurélie Bidermann collection came into being near Place Vendome in a family workshop that has been working with the most renowned establishments in Paris for over three generations. It took one year of close collaboration to marry the know-how of traditional fine jewellers with the Maison capricious elegance.

Thanks to the mastery of old techniques and an eye for the slightest detail, from setting to polishing, the fine jewellery of Maison Aurélie Bidermann is a delight to behold from any angle. Exalting, whether from the front, behind or below, with a comfortable feel that is as discreet as a whisper on the skin.

In keeping with the demands of the fine jewellery, each piece is engraved, signed and polished by hand. Chains are assembled link by link and hammered out by hand to give a textured finish. Know-how tempered by the centuries is reflected in beehive openwork (on the Lace theme) or granulation with little pearls of gold (on the Cashmere theme), providing a broad canvass for the design of this exotic flora and fauna.

To breathe life into this colourcentric collection, the Maison has selected only natural, untreated stones, hand-picked according to their brilliance and their compatibility with the jewel with which they are united. Warm red and yellow golds embrace champagne or chocolate diamonds. Chords of stones gather together as choirs of harmonious layers, with their daring chromatic melodies whimsically weaving in and out of well-structured arpeggios. The refinement of the Maison’s fine jewellery is a choreography of a summer Bacchanalia.

Utmost attention is given to the setting to ensure that the radiance of the individual stones does not place them in competition with one another. In its snow setting, the elephant’s multi-colored adornment, one of the centerpieces of the collection, creates the illusion that it was embroidered. Elsewhere, framed settings (Nautilus) smooth and unify the surface of the jewel as the micro settings set the Italian clips ablaze, glittering on the earrings. The black rhodium plating provides a final reverberation of the brilliance of the roses on the bell bracelets and the greens on the Beatle theme. Emblematic finishes of excellence in jewellery, icons of travel and light.

Emblematic finishes of jewelery excellence, here at the service of travel and light.