For this new season, the house Aurélie Bidermann packs its bags again and transports you with its collection to new horizons, from tropical jungles to Japanese countrysides, seashores to the new most electrifying borough of New York.

Playing on the gourmette pattern to which it offers an onyx cabochon, the Bronx line with the energy of a sophisticated rapper boldly stating here I am.

The shores are also there: Is it Long Island or a Marseille creek? The twines of the Amarrée line visualises all crossings, on the sole condition of docking safely and having a taste for adventure. That, for example, of the new chains Manon, shining under sunlight and boldly adorning a pearl for asymmetrical earrings. Nomad, bohemian, the season sits with aristocracy: In the fashion of the films “reines d’un jour” or “princess d’une vie”, Elizabeth offers the legend of a freely revisited crown, to wear on the finger, or on the wrist.

Dear to the house Aurélie Bidermann, nature is also found. The beautiful season? Lived all year round, thanks to the immaculate buds of Albizia, the blooming flowers Primavera, the golden brown foliage earrings Giverny. The new bracelet Françoise, with a sombre heart reflecting a stormy sky, reminiscent of as much the refreshing falling rain than the sweet summer glow, while the latest Elvira pendant dances on the chest. Entirely articulated, this talisman blossoming in a magical forest chimes its little music, to which the Kumo line is not deaf. Its golden threads encircling the black ink lacquer could well be those of an elegant Japanese spider, discreetly watching over to protect all those wearing it. From here or there, from yesterday, tomorrow or today, everything is a question of modernity. It’s the spirit of the Katt hoop earrings pure lines, an all-Bakelite nod to Katt Both, the female figure of the Bauhaus movement who revolutionised architecture, the art of living, and interiors fashion. Because born here or elsewhere, Aurélie Bidermann jewels carry with them the ultimate luxury - that of playing timelines never to go out of fashion.